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Sunday Nov 05, 2023

In this episode, Cody Hetzel and LeNora Faye discuss the Natal Convention, which is funded by pronatalist billionaires. Calling all childfree billionaires to consider contributing to Childfree Convention 2024!
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Thursday Oct 05, 2023

What are the “papers” saying about #childfree this week? Join Cody Hetzel and LeNora Faye as they react to the latest articles talking about the no-kids lifestyle. Replays will also be available on the Childfree Media podcast. 
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Sunday Sep 17, 2023

In honour of World Childless Week, observed every September, we've released the Childfree and Childless Alliance panel replay from the 2023 Virtual Childfree Convention. This panel features Childless advocates Katy Seppi, Lilly Vercellotti, Jody Day, and Hollie Brubaker.

Monday Aug 28, 2023

Cody and LeNora react to recent Google alerts for #childfree articles- both for and against the lifestyle. Do you agree with our opinions?
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Monday Jul 17, 2023

Cody (who lives the DINK life) warns LeNora (who lives the SINK life) that most of the articles in this episode focus on Dual Income No Kids. LeNora decides to Google Albert Einstein's children and makes an interesting discovery about one of his sons. 
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Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Hosts Cody and LeNora react to articles featuring a DINK couple listing the reasons they don't have kids, a moving piece about being disabled and childfree, the stigma faced by childfree people, and more. 
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Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Cody and LeNora react to recent articles about #childfree, including biased financial software, selfishness, and icons like Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Our live-chat audience was lively this week, and we all questioned whether or not the article on how to find other childfree people was helpful.
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Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

Childfree Men speak! Panel replay from the 2022 Virtual Childfree Convention.

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

From the 2022 Virtual Childfree Convention, speakers share their experiences of what it means to be childfree.

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

Tom James, the author of "Your Children Are Boring: or How Modern Parents Ruin Everything", agreed to come as a guest to our show to talk about his book. We talked about how all parents think their kid is special, about losing your identity when you have a baby and about what we found out later is referred to as "sharenting" (the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children, such as baby pictures or details of their children's activities), among other things.
The Childfree Girls podcast (2019-2022) is now archived on the Childfree Media podcast! Three women in three separate countries challenge society's expectations of women as mothers with no-holds-barred conversations and interviews. Hosted by: Isabel Firecracker (Colombia), Kristen Tsetsi (USA), and LeNora Faye (Canada).
This podcast and web series ran from 2019 through 2022. 
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